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11/23/20: Press Statement: Grateful for Support of Governor, Congressional Delegation for National Guard Funding Extension (View)


“Unfortunately, the federal funding authorization for those soldiers and airmen is set to expire next month,
amidst soaring cases of COVID-19 and mounting pressure on front line responders. We humbly applaud
Governor Mike DeWine for seeking a fully funded extension for the National Guard response under Title 32,
and we’re extraordinarily moved that Senators Portman and Brown would join with 15 of Ohio’s 16 House
members on a bipartisan, bicameral letter to lift up and expedite that request.

"Unfortunately, the federal funding authorization for [the Ohio National Guard] is set to expire next month, amidst soaring cases of COVID-19 and mounting pressure on front line responders. We humbly applaud Governor Mike DeWine for seeking a fully funded extension for the National Guard response under Title 32, and we’re extraordinarily moved that Senators Portman and Brown would join with 15 of Ohio’s 16 House members on a bipartisan, bicameral letter to lift up and expedite that request."


08/10/20: Press Statement: National Guard Extension Critical, Welcome Relief (View)

"As public health risks and volatility in local economies and food systems remain widespread, so too does the food security crisis in our state and across the nation. But it’s abundantly clear that the large-scale return of community volunteers to support our emergency hunger relief response remains unlikely while pandemic conditions persist. The remarkable Ohio National Guard soldiers and airmen serving at our warehouses and in our communities remain indispensable to keeping our fellow Ohioans fed."

07/23/20: Statement in Support of Ohio's Mask Mandate (View)

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, representing a statewide network of 12 foodbanks and 3,600 hunger relief programs, fully supports Governor Mike DeWine’s statewide mask mandate. We urge every foodbank supporter, donor, volunteer and customer to look at wearing a mask as an important part of our fight against historic levels of food insecurity. The more we can safely keep our economy running, the less long-term suffering ahead for our neighbors and friends.

06/15/20: Press Release: Ohio foodbanks urge increase to SNAP benefits (View)

In Ohio, more than one in seven workers remain unemployed, and recent polls show one in four Americans missed last month’s rent or mortgage or have little to no confidence they can pay next month on time. Food insecurity rates have nearly doubled in Ohio from 13.9% to 23%, according to the Census Household Pulse Survey. The Census found that just in the past week, nearly 350,000 Ohio households have reported receiving free food from a food pantry, school or children’s program, or other source, such as a neighbor

06/02/20: Press Statement: Our Work Does Not Stop at Food Justice - It Must Include Racial Justice (View)

“Our senior management team at the association has never just ‘stuck to hunger issues’ before, and we’re not going to start now. I’m reaffirming that we’re here to join our fellow advocates in speaking out against racial injustice and speaking up for reforms and accountability. These are big problems that take everyone lending their voice. We can’t correct the food injustices in this country while racial injustice remains.”

04/07/20: Press Statement on USDA Approval for Ohio Disaster Household Distribution Program (View)

"After weeks of bureaucratic haggling and red tape, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks is relieved that staff, volunteers and members of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Military Reserve working and serving at Ohio's foodbanks and food pantries have won approval for a program that will better protect their health and safety and meet the needs of struggling Ohioans during this crisis."

04/02/20: Press Release: Ohio Foodbanks Receive $20,000 Contribution from AT&T (View)

“We deeply appreciate the generosity of the AT&T Foundation and other organizations who have stepped up to help during this public health crisis,” said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. “That being said, there is still immense need for donations and support as the COVID-19 pandemic is causing mass layoffs, reduced wages, lost school meals, and significant financial pain for millions of Ohioans, which is forcing many into our food lines – often for the very first time.”

03/19/20: Press Release: National Guard to Help Feed Families (View)

“Ohio’s foodbanks commend Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio Adjutant General MG John C. Harris Jr., and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for their steadfast support and leadership,” said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director for the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. “We welcome these National Guard members as part of our foodbank family and thank them for their dedication and diligence in the weeks ahead. We encourage our clients and community members to join us in welcoming them with gratitude and friendship as they assist us in our important work.”

03/12/20: Press Release: Foodbanks urge passage of House Emergency COVID-19 Bill, other measures (View)

“Our foodbanks are adapting to this public health crisis swiftly and expertly, thanks to their training and experience in responding in crisis and disaster,” said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. “But this pandemic poses serious challenges to our normal food distribution channels, as well as Ohio’s broader response to food insecurity. We are urging fast, definitive action from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the USDA, Congress and the President to mitigate the rising risk of hunger amid this outbreak.”

12/04/19: Press Statement: Another Attack on SNAP (View)

"SNAP has several key features that make it effective in reducing food insecurity and improving health outcomes. Congress protected and preserved SNAP in the Farm Bill it passed on a widely bipartisan basis one year ago. Today's rule and others ignore the will of Congress to prevent food insecurity through the nation's first line of defense against hunger."

06/03/19: Press Release: Kick-Off Event Lauds Value of Service, Collaboration in Fighting Childhood Hunger (View)

On Monday, the association welcomed Congressman Troy Balderson to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, where he administered an oath of service to 65 new AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates. Thanks to a partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, the association has deployed these national service members in communities across Ohio to help combat childhood hunger this summer. "It's inspiring to see our community organize to combat an issue which affects 1 in 5 students across Ohio: food insecurity," said Balderson. "I applaud those who today committed themselves to making a difference in our community."

05/14/19: Press Release: New Report Finds Seniors, Older Adults Experiencing Food Insecurity at Alarming Rates (View)

Food insecurity for older adults age 50 to 59 in Ohio is a particular problem, with 15 percent struggling with food insecurity, ranking Ohio 9th nationally. More than four in 10 of those older adults are living with disabilities, and about half are not homeowners.

"This research clearly demonstrates the interconnectedness of food security and poverty-related issues," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. "When individuals reach their near-retirement and retirement years and are trying to survive on limited, fixed incomes without assets like their own home or retirement savings, there's nowhere else for them to turn."

05/01/19: Press Release: Food Insecurity in Ohio Higher than National, Midwestern Averages (View)
according to Feeding America’s newly released Map the Meal Gap 2019, Ohio’s
food insecurity rate of 14.5 percent is much higher than the national rate (12.5 percent) and the
Midwestern average (11.4 percent).
Food insecurity is higher among households with children. About 1 in 5 children in Ohio (19.6 percent) live
in families that can’t always afford enough food on their own. In several rural counties (Monroe, Meigs,
Adams, Vinton, Scioto and Guernsey), that rate is 1 in 4 or higher.

According to Feeding America’s newly released Map the Meal Gap 2019, Ohio’s food insecurity rate of 14.5 percent is much higher than the national rate (12.5 percent) and the Midwestern average (11.4 percent). Food insecurity is higher among households with children. About 1 in 5 children in Ohio (19.6 percent) live in families that can’t always afford enough food on their own. In several rural counties (Monroe, Meigs, Adams, Vinton, Scioto and Guernsey), that rate is 1 in 4 or higher.

02/20/19: Press Statement: Ohio SNAP Gap Mitigation Plan (View)

"All Ohio SNAP recipients will receive half of their March SNAP benefits on February 22.They will receive the remainder of their March SNAP benefits on their normal issuance date, anywhere from March 2nd to March 20th. We’re grateful that the State of Ohio took this step to help lessen the impact of the federal government shutdown on food insecure Ohioans. Ohio’s foodbanks stand ready as partners with the State to fill nutrition gaps of every kind for the 1 in 3 Ohioans who live in households poor enough to qualify for help from our hunger relief network.”

12/20/18: Press Statement: Proposed USDA Rule Circumvents Bipartisan Congressional Commitment to SNAP (View)

"The individuals that would be impacted by this rule live in our communities. They are incredibly vulnerable, with limited skills and education and other barriers to employment. And now the Trump Administration is telling them they won't even be able to count on basic help with food. It's an incredibly Scrooge-like response to people down on their luck, and we will be urging the Administration not to move forward with this rule."

08/01/18: 16.2 Percent of Households in Ohio Struggle to Afford Enough Food (View)

Columbus, Ohio, August 1, 2018 — Despite an improving economy, 16.2 percent of households in Ohio reported that they struggled to buy enough food for themselves and their families during 2016–2017, according to a new report released by the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC, a national anti-hunger advocacy group).

06/28/18: Senate Farm Bill Passes with Wide Bipartisan Vote of 86 to 11 - Senator Brown and Senator Portman demonstrated true bipartisanship (View)

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, our 12 Feeding America Foodbanks, 3,300 member charities and the 2 million Ohioans we serve commend and thank Senators Brown and Portman for supporting the Senate farm bill and rejecting an amendment that would have taken away food assistance from many Ohioans and imposed burdensome requirements on SNAP participants and our state.

06/21/18: Press Statement: House Farm Bill Would Increase Food Insecurity, Unlike Bipartisan Senate Bill (View)

"The House farm bill passed today is a betrayal of the longstanding, bipartisan commitment our country has made for decades to ensure all Americans have access to adequate nutrition. Along with the nearly 1.4 million Ohioans who use SNAP to put basic groceries on the table - including children, seniors, working families and people living with disabilities - we turn to the Senate to do better."

06/13/18: Press Statement: Bipartisan Senate Farm Bill Responsible Way Forward to Protect Nutrition Programs (View)

"Today, the Senate Agriculture Committee passed its version of the Farm Bill on a broad bipartisan basis. We join with a wide array of groups, stakeholders, advocates and community members in applauding the Committee's approach. Unlike the House Farm Bill, this legislation protects SNAP, making responsible investments in program integrity and workforce development without risking access to basic nutrition assistance for vulnerable Americans."

04/12/18: Press Statement: House Farm Bill Proposal Undermines Effective, National Response to Hunger (View)

"The Farm Bill impacts everything from how our food is grown to who can afford to purchase it. The recently released partisan 2018 House Farm Bill proposal undermines access to basic nutrition assistance for people living on the margins. Instead of maintaining our country's long-term commitment to preventing hunger and ensuring access to basic groceries when our fellow Americans fall on hard times, it kicks older workers and families with children to the curb."

02/13/18: Press Statement in Response to President Trump's Budget (View)

"These continued attacks on proven programs that help tens of millions of low-income Americans achieve better health, higher productivity and increased financial stability are shameful. We call on Ohio's congressional delegation to speak loudly and stand firmly against these attempts to punish average American families and widen income inequality in our country."

12/02/17: Press Statement in Response to Passage of Senate Tax Bill (View)

In Ohio, the average SNAP recipient – likely a child, disabled adult or senior – receives $123 to help them buy groceries. The calls for cuts to programs like these are already being made, even as the tax legislation moves toward conference committee.

11/17/17: Press Statement: $1.5 trillion increase to deficit will lead to deep cuts to vital programs (View)

"I struggle to see how this tax bill spells the 'tax relief to the middle class' that Senator Portman avows. What I do plainly see is how a $1.5 trillion increase to the deficit will lead to cuts to programs that millions of Ohioans need: SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, housing assistance, disability assistance, Pell Grants, child care, Social Security and more. Nothing will be off-limits if this bill passes the Senate."

10/20/17: Press Statement: Budget bill, tax cuts threaten longstanding, proven programs that serve tens of millions (View)

"Last year, we gave basic groceries - usually three to five days' worth - to seniors nearly 1.7 million times. Just picture that. 1.7 million times, a senior in Ohio was forced to come to a food pantry because they couldn't afford enough food on their own. How will tax cuts for the wealthy help them? Who should our programs and policies really be serving?"

09/22/17: Press Statement: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Exits Navigator Program (View)

"Without adequate funding or a viable path forward, we have been forced to make an impossible choice. It is with incredible disappointment that we regrettably announce our decision to exit the Navigator program. Help will still be available by contacting the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596 or by visiting The ACA remains the law of the land, and Open Enrollment in 2018 Marketplace plans will take place from November 1 through December 15, 2017."

09/09/17: Press Release: Ohio health care navigators left with no contract, no answers (View)

Navigator grantees like the Ohio Association of Foodbanks have been left without answers or information, with no expectation about when grant contracts or funding amounts would be issued. "Our navigators are doing yeoman's work. Now, we've had to inform these nonprofits that we have no information, no official guidance, no contract and no funding. On top of that, consumers across Ohio will likely have nowhere to turn, and we will lose the momentum we've gained approaching the new open enrollment period. This is an unimaginable and heartbreaking situation. It's unconscionable."

09/07/17: Press Statement: New Food Security Report Demonstrates Value of Anti-Hunger Programs (View)

"While the prevalence of food insecurity remains higher than the national average, we have made some modest progress toward increased food security for vulnerable people in our state. It's a small change, and not a statistically significant one. There's much work to do, and to keep doing. But we are encouraged that Ohioans are starting to realize small improvements in their ability to feed themselves and their families."

07/26/17: Press Statement: Erosion of Health Care Access, Affordability Would Harm All Ohioans (View)

"All Ohioans, including the millions who receive coverage through employers, depend on a stable, balanced health insurance market - the one built by the Affordable Care Act that protects individuals when illness strikes and prevents middle-income families from falling into medical bankruptcy. None of us should want to return to a time when one diagnosis or job loss could throw a family into poverty."

07/22/17: Press Statement: House Budget Would Endanger Older Adults, People Living with Disabilities and Children (View)

"Ohio's charitable hunger relief network is committed to feeding the hungry in our community. But if Ohio families lose SNAP benefits, we won't be able to make up the difference. Members of Ohio's congressional delegation should protect SNAP and other povety-reduction programs in the federal budget."

06/14/17: Press Release: Trump Budget Would Shift Huge SNAP Costs to Ohio, Put Ohioans at Risk of Going Hungry (View)

"Ohio's congressional delegation must reject any proposal that puts Ohioans - including children, seniors, and people with disabilities - at risk of not getting enough to eat," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. The President's budget would force states to cover 10 percent of SNAP costs beginning in 2020, increasing to 25 percent in 2023 and beyond. 

05/24/17: Press Statement: Our Response to Proposals to Cut SNAP Included in President's Budget (View)

"In Ohio, more than 84 percent of all SNAP participants are children, seniors or people living with disabilities. What happens to these households, who already live on the brink, when they lose 25 percent of their SNAP benefits? Members of Congress should take note: Community members across Ohio won't stand for this shameful attack on our loved ones and neighbors."

05/02/17: Press Statement: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Response to House Budget Bill (View)

"The House version of H.B. 49, passed today, includes an amendment to cut funding to the Ohio Association of Foodbanks by $1 million over the 2018-19 biennium. We implore the Senate to restore this funding to our network, which relies on a proven, efficient system to respond to the needs of hungry people in our state."

03/17/17: Press Statement: Budget Blueprint Would Disinvest in Proven Programs and Harm Vulnerable People (View)

"The budget blueprint released earlier today by the Trump administration proposes eliminating a long list of programs that have been critical parts of the fabric of our country and local communities. The administration has proposed these cuts in a desire to reduce spending, but as Ohio’s largest charitable response to hunger, we know that these cuts will actually result in increased burdens on state and local governments, increased poverty, hunger and homelessness, and increased suffering for the least among us."

02/10/17: Child Hunger Fighters Come Together to Plan for Summer (View)

The beginnings of spring may still be several weeks away, but Ohio's Summer Food Service Program providers are already busy planning for summer. Today, more than 250 people attended a statewide summit focused on expanding the scope and reach of the Summer Food Service Program in Ohio.

12/09/16: Press Release: Fewer Ohioans Live in Self-Sufficient Households, Seven Years After Recession (View)

"Unfortunately, there are few exceptions to what seems to be a new norm for Ohio households," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. "With the serious potential for deep, harmful cuts and changes to programs like SNAP and Medicaid at the federal level, we urge Ohio to make its own investments in policies and programs that promote livable wages and support emergency safety nets."

09/07/16: Federal Grant Will Continue to Help Connect Ohioans with Health Coverage (View)

"For the fourth consecutive year, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks and its network of strategic consortium members was awarded a federal Navigator grant by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This $1.7 million grant will allow us to provide Navigator services throughout Ohio, educating consumers about affordable health care coverage options and helping them to enroll in coverage that meets their needs and their budgets."

06/30/16: New Report Finds Ohio Has Highest Rate of Food Hardship in Midwest (View)

Nationally, food hardship rates declined from 17.2 percent in 2014 to 16.0 percent in 2015. Ohio also saw an improvement, with its food hardship rate improving from 18.1 percent in 2014 to 17.0 percent in 2015. However, all of Ohio's Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) - including Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati, Cleveland-Elyria, Columbus, and Akron - had food hardship rates higher than the national average and were ranked in the top half among the nation's MSAs for highest rates of food hardship.

06/14/16: Report Finds Fewer Ohio Children Accessed Summer Meals in 2015 (View)

The federal Summer Food Service Program requires that children consume meals on-site, and Ohio struggles to keep up with other states. FRAC's Hunger Doesn't Take a Vacation report found that among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Ohio's rank nationally fell to 40, from 38 in summer 2014. "We believe this program needs to be modernized to help sponsors and sites successfully reach children in need," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. "Otherwise, Ohio children will always be at a disadvantage because of our state's diverse geography and the way the program is currently structured."

04/28/16: New Map the Meal Gap Data Show Food Insecurity Remains Widespread Across Ohio (View)

"Especially in the case of working families, our foodbanks are often the only safety net that they have when a car breaks down, hours are cut at work, someone gets sick or money runs short at the end of the month," said Hamler-Fugitt. "Nearly one half of all food insecure Ohioans, or about 925,000 people, are not income eligible for SNAP, or food stamp, benefits, in spite of facing a food budget shortfall of $15.47 per person, per week. The federal safety net is not doing enough to respond to the food security crisis in our country, and all we can do as foodbanks is hope the food on our shelves doesn't run out."

03/15/16: Recognizing Economic Impact of Ohio Food Programs on National Ag Day (View)

"On National Agriculture Day, March 15, and every day, we are thankful for our partners who make it possible to fuel our fight against hunger in Ohio," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director, Ohio Association of Foodbanks. Public-private partnerships like these [food] programs are needed in Ohio because hunger in the state is increasing. The programs ensure Ohioans are provided with safe, nutritious, wholesome food from the most efficient, cost-effective delivery system.

01/09/16: Lisa Hamler-Fugitt Named Co-Chair of Advocates for Ohio's Future (View)

"I am honored and humbled to serve as co-chair of Advocates for Ohio's Future, an incredibly critical and powerful voice for low-income and vulnerable Ohioans," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, who was named co-chair today following the retirement of Col Owens, an AOF co-chair since 2013.

12/23/15: Press Statement: Governor John Kasich Provides Year-End Boost to Ohio's Foodbanks (View)

"Once again, as he has done so many times before, Governor Kasich has risen to the challenge. He's responded at a critical time to keep food pantry shelves stocked and food on the table for local families. I want to extend my most heartfelt thanks on behalf of our network to Governor Kasich for his leadership on the issue of hunger and for this humbling display of compassion as we enter the Christmas season. We are truly grateful."

12/17/15: Press Statement: Spending Deal Announced Helps Working Families Thrive (View)

"The bipartisan agreement reached late yesterday is a promising and hopeful demonstration of the power of policies that respond to the needs of everyday Americans. We are deeply thankful to our congressional delegation for leading the charge on protecting and strengthening critical funding for programs that help the most vulnerable among us."

12/04/15: New Census ACS Data Reveals Widespread Increase in Eligibility for Foodbank Help (View)

In its 10th year, the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) for the first time can show poverty data at the county level over two five-year, non-overlapping time spans. And this comparison of the periods of 2005 to 2009 and 2010 to 2014 reveal that need for help with food in Ohio is trending up, not down, since the end of the Great Recession.

10/14/15: Press Statement from Lisa Hamler-Fugitt on Legislation to Compel Ohio to Seek Federal Food Stamp Waiver (View)
09/18/15: Anti-Poverty Groups Respond to New Ohio Poverty Data (View)

Several statewide anti-poverty groups briefed the media on the U.S. Census Bureau's new American Community Survey poverty data, which found that 15.8 percent of Ohioans live in households with incomes below the federal poverty level. "It is a serious crisis when working people, seniors, and children are being left behind," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks.

09/10/15: Ohio now ranks sixth nationally for highest rate of food insecurity (View)

Research released today by the USDA Economic Research Service illustrates a widening gap in food security between Ohio and the rest of the country. The report found that 16.9 percent of Ohioans now live in food insecure households, ranking Ohio sixth nationally behind only Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Texas. "We have a serious crisis in Ohio," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. "More of our families than ever before are struggling to afford food, as the economic recovery fails to reach everyone in our state."

09/02/15: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Awarded $2 Million Federal Navigator Grant (View)

"For the third consecutive year, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks and its network of strategic consortium members was awarded a federal Navigator grant by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This $2 million grant will allow us to provide Navigator services throughout Ohio, educating consumers about affordable health care coverage options and helping them to enroll in plans available through the federally-facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace."

07/01/15: Response to 2016-17 Biennial Budget Amended Sub HB 64 as Signed by Governor Kasich (View)

"We thank Governor Kasich and leadership and members of the Ohio House and Senate for their hard work during this budget process and their willingness to stand in solidarity with the two million of their constituents struggling with hunger. Thanks to this vital support, our network can continue to answer the call for the one in six Ohioans that don't always know where their next meal will come from."

06/26/15: Response to Today's U.S. Supreme Court King vs. Burwell Ruling (View)
06/19/15: Response to Passage of Amended Substitute HB 64 by Ohio Senate (View)
06/16/15: Response to Acceptance of Ohio Senate Finance Committee Omnibus Amendment to Amended Substitute HB 64 (View)
06/04/15: Advocates for Ohio's Future holds press conference on state budget (View)
04/23/15: Response to Amended HB 64 as Passed by Ohio House (View)
04/15/15: Media Statement in Response to 2016-17 Biennial Budget as Proposed by Ohio House (View)
04/14/15: New Reports Show Hunger Remains Alarmingly High Across Ohio (View)
02/27/15: Ohio Hunger Factors Index Released (View)
02/20/15: Fourth Annual Summer Food Summit Takes Place During Record Low Temperatures (View)
12/17/14: Ohioans Losing Ground with Stagnant Wages, Nearly 200 Million Fewer Meals (View)
12/04/14: New ACS Data Reveal Increase in Need for Foodbanks in Every Metro (View)
10/31/14: Hunger in Ohio 2014 Study Released (View)
09/19/14: New Poverty Data Indicate One-Third of Ohioans Eligible for Emergency Food (View)
09/09/14: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Awarded $2.18 Million Federal Navigator Grant (View)
09/04/14: Continuing high rate of food insecurity in Ohio brings together advocates, providers (View)
08/26/14: New Cuts to Food Aid in Ohio Should Not Go Forward (View)
06/03/14: Just One in Ten Eligible Kids Accessing Summer Meals in Ohio (View)
05/21/14: Statement in Support of Increase to State EITC (View)
04/18/14: Food costs on the rise; Food insecurity rates in Ohio remain high (View)
04/04/14: Still Time to File Taxes Free (View)
03/19/14: Working Together to Reach More Hungry Kids This Summer (View)
03/12/14: Response to Governor Kasich's Mid-Biennium Review (View)
02/25/14: Response to State of the State Address from Ohio Association of Foodbanks (View)
01/23/14: Governor Provides Shelf-Stable Meals, Produce to Kids (View)
11/01/13: SNAP Cuts to Hurl Ohioans Over Hunger Cliff (View)
10/22/13: Hunger advocates to deliver messages on paper plates to congressional offices (View)
10/02/13: Navigator Program Certification Completed (View)
09/20/13: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Dismayed by Passage of Harmful Nutrition Bill in House (View)
09/19/13: More Than One in Four Households with Children in Ohio Report Inability to Afford Enough Food (View)
09/05/13: Food Insecurity on the Rise in Ohio (View)
08/16/13: Federal Navigator Grants Awarded: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Receives $1.95 Million (View)
08/15/13: Ohio First Lady Karen Kasich Announces FeedOhio Campaign (View)
06/21/13: Statement from Lisa Hamler-Fugitt: Congress Out of Touch With Average Ohioans (View)
06/11/13: Reports show hunger remains high in Ohio, especially among kids (View)
06/07/13: In spite of widespread support, Ohio Senate fails to increase funding for foodbanks (View)
05/24/13: Governor Kasich Signs Executive Order to Support Hunger Relief in Ohio (View)
05/11/13: Statewide School Business Management Foundation Raises Over $13K for Ohio Association of Foodbanks (View)
05/10/13: SNAP Cuts Threaten Despite Public Support for Program (View)
05/09/13: Ohio farmers donate more than 750,000 eggs to Ohio foodbanks (View)
01/30/13: Governor Kasich provides up to $1.5 million for summer food for kids (View)
01/25/13: Ohio Focused on Feeding More Kids This Summer (View)
01/11/13: Ohio Free My Tax Refund Day on February 2 (View)
12/07/12: Report Finds SNAP Allotments Seriously Inadequate (View)
10/22/12: Local Potato Farm Hails Ohio Foodbanks (View)
10/04/12: United Producers, Inc. to Partner with Ohio Association of Foodbanks (View)
09/27/12: Recent Data Points to Need for Continued Focus on Hunger Relief (View)
09/05/12: Prevalence of Food Insecurity in Ohio Remains High (View)
08/22/12: Nearly One in Five American Households Report Inability to Afford Enough Food During First Six Months of 2012 (View)
07/06/12: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Awarded AmeriCorps State Grant (View)
06/28/12: Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks Joins No Kid Hungry Ally Program (View)
06/08/12: Participation in Summer Meals in Ohio Continues to Fall Short (View)
06/04/12: 174 AmeriCorps VISTA Members Deployed to Fight Childhood Hunger (View)
05/24/12: Ohio Veterans Encouraged to Access Education Benefits (View)
05/18/12: Governor Kasich Issues Executive Order for $1 million to feed hungry children (View)
05/18/12: Ohio Egg Farmers Make a 1.5 Million Egg Commitment to Ohio Foodbanks (View)
04/27/12: Hunger on the Rise in Ohio (View)
04/05/12: In Ohio Walmart Provides $32.8 Million to Charitable Organizations During Last Fiscal Year (View)
04/02/12: New Report on Impact of Proposed Budget Details Grim Portrait for Struggling Ohioans (View)
03/14/12: OASHF Media Statement: Agencies Without Walls (View)
03/09/12: OASHF to Hire 165 AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates (View)
02/27/12: Report Shows Food Hardship in Ohio Remains High (View)
02/23/12: Bipartisan National Service Champions Honored at Friends of National Service Awards Reception (View)
01/30/12: 2012 SFSP Summit Press Release (View)
01/10/12: OASHF Receives Funds from Walmart to Fight Hunger in Ohio (View)
01/09/12: Ohioans Can File Taxes for Free Using The Ohio Benefit Bank (View)
12/20/11: We Are Ohio Provides OASHF with $10,000 to Help Fight Hunger (View)
12/14/11: Statement in Response to Governor John R. Kasich's Signed Executive Order Supporting Hunger Relief (View)
11/21/11: At Thanksgiving and All Year Long - Foodbanks Applaud Dedication of Cooper Farms Partnership (View)
11/01/11: Ohio Hog Farmers Come to the Table to Fight Hunger (View)
10/28/11: Hunger Among Ohio's Greatest Generation Steers Summit (View)
10/18/11: OASHF Named a Champion of Public Health (View)
10/03/11: Statement in Reponse to the Draft FY2012 Labor, Health and Human Services Funding Bill (View)
09/30/11: Pick a Bag for the Hungry Event (View)
09/22/11: Statement on the Release of the American Community Survey (View)
09/09/11: Governor Kasich Declares September Hunger Action Month (View)
07/21/11: Ohio's First Lady and Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Visit Produce to People Distribution (View)