Am I eligible?

Could I be Eligible for Benefits?

With The Ohio Benefit Bank, you can apply for support from several programs through one simple process. Most programs have specific income guidelines and other eligibility requirements, so each agency that administers the different programs is responsible for verifying whether you may be eligible to participate.

Many people are reluctant to apply, and sometimes it’s because they don’t have all the information they need. We encourage you to access the resources you and your family needs to become stable, healthy, and productive. Still need some convincing? Check out some of the common myths below.

Food Assistance

Medicaid Programs

Ohio Works First

  • Myth #1: People who get cash assistance are using the system.
    The Ohio Works First cash assistance program emphasizes employment, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency. A self-sufficiency contract is signed by participating adults, which outlines the guidelines of the program and establishes a plan for the individual(s) to become self-sufficient during the time spent in the OWF program. This program can also assist grandparents with raising their grandchildren.
  • Myth #2: The Ohio Works First cash assistance program is available for 36 months.
    Each county agency develops their own policies for hardship and good cause extensions. After the initial 36 month time-limit has passed, you may be eligible for additional months if you are experiencing a hardship or have good cause to receive additional months of benefits.

Earned Income Tax Credit